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8 things every romance reader can relate to

8 things every romance reader can relate to

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Whenever someone asks you what you're reading 9 times out of 10 it's a sickly romance novel by Nicholas Sparks




Shock! Another romance book with a love triangle, you can’t seem to point a finger on the one you’re rooting for…. but why have one when you can have both?




Falling in love with the fictional blonde dreamy surfer guy if only he were as real as he is in your head.




No one understands your found happiness when the two couples you ‘shipped’ are finally together.




Unrealistic expectations of men. Thanks, Nicholas Sparks for setting my standards so high




The struggle to hide your reactions when reading a romance book in public is real (especially the erotic parts)




You don’t think a book is complete without a happily ever after, A CLIFF HANGER?! Who invented that?




Your favourite romance novel has been made into a film adaptation, but you don’t get the hype. A genuine book reader knows the book is always better than the film, right?





If you love romance novels just as much as we do then we recommend 'The Telltale' by Nicholson. 



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