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8 Benefits On Why You Should Read Everyday

8 Benefits On Why You Should Read Everyday

 |  Fun and Games

When was the last time you read a book? Is the only bit of reading/information you get on a daily basis consist of scrolling on your phone reading Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and someone’s cliché Instagram caption?


A lot of people would rather watch a screen then read a book, describing reading as ‘boring’, ‘a waste of time’, ‘what’s the point when you can watch it on a screen?’, which is far from the truth.


A love for reading books has a ton of benefits that you are probably not aware of, if you’re not reading books, then you might be missing out on all these great benefits!




1. Increases intelligence


Reading increases our vocabulary, particularly if you start reading from a very young age. 



2. Increases creativity and imagination


Reading puts you into different worlds, gives you more ideas, understanding and possibilities.



3. Makes you more empathetic


When we read, we imagine ourselves in the situations described by words in the book and we automatically put ourselves in the characters shoes, therefore, makes it easier for us to relate to others.



4. May help fight Alzheimer’s disease


Reading stimulates the brain, those who read are 2.5 less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease.



5. Reading before bed can help you sleep


Reading a book before bed can tell your body to wind down and relax, ready for a good night’s sleep. Looking at a screen before bed can actually make you more restless while you sleep and can even keep you awake longer.



6. Gives a different perspective to life


Reading is a hobby, having hobbies increases enjoyment out of life and purpose as well as improving your fixed and growth mindset.



7. Improves memory


Reading can help boost brain power by slowing the process of memory loss, keeping minds sharper.



8. Reduce Stress 


Reading can help relax the mind and body, making your mind forget about reality and your troubles.








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