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5 Spooky Books to Scare You This Halloween

5 Spooky Books to Scare You This Halloween

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There's nothing like a scary book to get you in the mood for the spookiest season of the year. So, we've put together a list of books to read for Halloween. From frightful haunted houses to mysterious murder mysteries, to twisty psychological thrillers, to magical, supernatural worlds, these books are sure to make your spine tingle so read if you dare….





Hunter's Bar

Nicole Maharaj



Nicole Maharaj is a writer with a wonderful imagination and has given us a riveting tale for young readers which will in turn stretch their imaginations.

The main characters, including Marcus and Hunter Moon, take turns to be the narrator so we see the unfolding drama from their perspective.

We meet a broad cast of witches, werewolves, vampires and mermaids set in a supernatural world. Predictably, therefore, they have supernatural abilities. Hunter Moon, for example, is a werewolf and can move seamlessly in and out of his wolf form. He was born on an especially powerful autumn solstice and is thus the perfect candidate to undo a long-standing curse on a clan of witches. This curse compels them to live forever, aging but not dying, definitely not a pleasant destiny. Since Hunter's soul needs to be sacrificed in order to break this curse, it is understandable that he attempts to escape this fate! He has some sticky moments, however.

Meanwhile, there is a unique plant, the mortal bloom. The slightest contact with this plant has an irreversible effect concerning mortality and immortality and thus requires a secret guardianship not easy to achieve.

The action moves swiftly from one scene to the next, assisted by the supernatural abilities of the characters. Werewolf or witch they may be, but their very ‘human' friendships, strengths and failings are the ingredients which engage us all too human readers and create a bond of sympathy between us.





The House on Hallberry Hill

T.A. Pilkington



Jensen, Jerry and I have been best friends since childhood, sharing adventures up near the house on Hallberry Hill, whose cantankerous owner petrified us all. Now, years later, in my darkest hour, when my fourteen-year-old daughter has been abducted, I need my friends more than ever... but one of them is a convicted rapist and the prime suspect - yet I have to act as his lawyer. Can I believe what he says? My wife doesn't.

And what can my first love, Chloe, from the house on Hallberry Hill, tell me now...even though she disappeared all those years ago? The years old mystery of missing women about town seems connected. Someone needs to help me while there's still a chance my daughter's alive.







Johan Parker


Obsessions follows the story of young undergraduate Lily, a wholesome girl who knows what she wants for her life and she has everything on track to achieve this.

But when Lily goes on a short sabbatical before starting university, she receives a letter from a secret admirer and becomes enmeshed in a game of evil, obsession, death and love. When she gets back home she finds she no longer has the attention of Peter, on whom she always relied, as he is knee-deep in an investigation into a serial killer who stalks the streets of New Orleans.

Who is the secret admirer? Why does Peter want to catch the killer so badly? Why does the friendly artist have strange paintings donated secretly to his gallery? And what of the strange sect that secretly runs the town?




Wolf Slayer

Blair Wylie


The first book in the Master Defiance series, Wolf Slayer combines political thriller and dystopian science-fiction in an action-packed adventure, culminating in a desperate flight across North America.


When Matt Adams, a much-decorated army veteran, is offered the job of infiltrating and spying on a revolutionary party, he jumps at the offer. Scarred and blinded in one eye, his employment options would be poor, even if the economy wasn't in meltdown.


Meanwhile, the President of the US, Ernie Wolf, is cementing his position of absolute power with the assistance of the thuggish bullies known as the Loyal Order of Patriots. President Wolf is flourishing, despite his cruel, vindictive nature. He disbands Congress and bans all media outlets, declaring himself president for life and effectively creating a totalitarian state. Wolf then turns his attention to warmongering, and to the destruction of the Second Chance spaceship, currently in orbit around the moon.


When Matt discovers the President's intentions, he has a stark choice. He can do nothing and watch as the President destroys all hope for current and future humanity, or he can become a Wolf Slayer and help to save the Second Chance and avert war...



The Autumn Murders

S.J. Ridgway


Autumn 1888, the time of the Whitechapel Murders when five women, all prostitutes, are murdered in a similar manner, and in some cases, their bodies mutilated. It is the most unsolved murder mystery with the serial killer responsible being given the name of Jack the Ripper.

The file on the murders remain dormant for over a hundred years. That is, until Detective Superintendent Cadema Sharma sends DC Marriott to the police archives for a file on the Belton case she is reinvestigating. During his search, Marriott discovers an old wooden trunk containing a blooded dress and some notebooks which suggest they are linked to the Whitechapel murders.

With the Belton case finally solved, Cadema reopens the investigation on the Whitechapel murders. She and her team, using current investigation skills, assisted by up to date forensic technology, attempt to piece together the evidence.

There are tensions within the team which Cadema must manage along with her own insecurities, as the truth of the investigation emerges.







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