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5 Romantic Books for Valentines Day

5 Romantic Books for Valentines Day

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It’s that time of year again stores are filled with endless amounts of heart-shaped chocolates, soppy worded cards and love songs.



But no date this year? Why don’t you grab a box of chocolates, your favourite glass of wine and bring the romance to you in one of these romantic books... 




And Forever More

Elizabeth Love


Carrying on from the romantic hospital story, Forever, Jodie grows up to be a self-assured, talented artist. At an early age she goes to Canada on an exchange visit, working with children in a hospital and meets up with another young girl. She then goes to college to study for her degree in embroidery, where she meets her prince charming Scotland, also an artist. They go on to a charismatic partnership with successful careers in their chosen subjects. It is a home-spun story of love and devotion.







One True Love's Reunion

Aleta Lynne Hyson



Tamsin's life is at a low point.


Would she ever find real and long-lasting happiness?

Her last relationship had proved to be a disaster.


People say that, to move forward, you can't look back but Tamsin is haunted by a mutual attraction she felt with Eric, her old school crush. Neither of them had acted on it then, which kept her guessing about what might have been...


Will the class reunion be her romantic turning point? Or is it merely the key to her girls' reunion holiday aboard the luxury Queen Eleanor cruise liner with her friends?


Tamsin's journey to discover her one true love is anything but plain sailing.

All she can do is follow her heart.





The Telltale



Robert and Katy meet when they are teenagers and become childhood sweethearts. Though they may have different ambitions for their careers, they love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, starting with university. Afterwards, their differing careers mean that they spend more time apart but are still very much together. Robert becomes a dedicated and successful teacher who cares about his students. Katy is on her way to becoming a very successful, and rich, lawyer.

Cracks begin to appear as their ideas of how a marriage works seem to differ. Will they make it through these tough times? And will Robert be content to always be the underdog?








Forgotten Love

C.M. Bryden


Who can forget about their first love?


Anna and Paul are two young lovers seemingly destined not to be together, not if Paul's mother has anything to say about it. And she has. By keeping them from each other, the two young lovers are led to believe each has forgotten about the other.


The years pass and Anna enjoys family life, busy bringing up her daughter, Emma, with her husband Gordy, a man who fell in love with Anna despite her being pregnant with another man's child - something that was rather frowned upon in the 1950s. She also embarks on a successful career as a businesswoman and life couldn't be better. Except that deep at the back of her mind is the thought of Paul, her forgotten love.





Lucia's Love

Paula Dennis


Single mum, Lucia, returns to her home town by the sea for what will be a reunion of old school friends at her close friend's thirtieth birthday party. Will the secrets of the past be revealed? No one knows who the father of Lucia's daughter is. Is this the time to reveal her secret? What will her family make of the story?

Lucia knows that once the truth is revealed, her life will change forever. She's not sure that she wants things to change. She's young, successful and happy as things are. How can the truth make a difference?


A story of loves that were never revealed and those that were lost. Lucia isn't prepared to lose her heart ever again. She stopped looking for that 'happily ever after' and has no plans to ever look again. Will happiness find her or is she going to find heartbreak yet again?



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