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5 books to cosy up with this autumn

5 books to cosy up with this autumn

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As the nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting colder, trees are becoming beautiful shades of reds, yellows and golds, the extra layers are coming out, and the smell of pumpkin-spiced candles are wafting throughout people’s homes. That's when you know Autumn is here.


Autumn means we are very close to the end of the year, which is the time most of us reflect, why not feed your mind with knowledge and imagination with these fantastic reads!


So, grab a book and make your favourite hot beverage (like a pumpkin spice latte) for a cosy evening in ...





Hunter's Bar

Nicole Maharaj


We meet a broadcast eof witches, werewolves, vampires and mermaids set in a supernatural world. Predictably, therefore, they have supernatural abilities. Hunter Moon, for example, is a werewolf and can move seamlessly in and out of his wolf form. He was born on an especially powerful autumn solstice and is thus the perfect candidate to undo a long-standing curse on a clan of witches. This curse compels them to live forever, aging but not dying, definitely not a pleasant destiny. Since Hunter's soul needs to be sacrificed in order to break this curse, it is understandable that he attempts to escape this fate! He has some sticky moments, however.

Meanwhile, there is a unique plant, the mortal bloom. The slightest contact with this plant has an irreversible effect concerning mortality and immortality and thus requires a secret guardianship not easy to achieve.

The action moves swiftly from one scene to the next, assisted by the supernatural abilities of the characters. Werewolf or witch they may be, but their very ‘human' friendships, strengths and failings are the ingredients which engage us all too human readers and create a bond of sympathy between us.





Forgotten Love

C.M. Bryden



cWho can forget about their first love?


Anna and Paul are two young lovers seemingly destined not to be together, not if Paul's mother has anything to say about it. And she has. By keeping them from each other, the two young lovers are led to believe each has forgotten about the other.


The years pass and Anna enjoys family life, busy bringing up her daughter, Emma, with her husband Gordy, a man who fell in love with Anna despite her being pregnant with another man's child - something that was rather frowned upon in the 1950s. She also embarks on a successful career as a businesswoman and life couldn't be better. Except that deep at the back of her mind is the thought of Paul, her forgotten love.





The Water's Edge

Martin Morton


Claudia and Jack already have a strong and satisfying business relationship, but when Jack is offered a job that will take him to the other side of the world, it throws a new and urgent light on their mutual attraction.

Claudia's unsatisfactory relationship with her husband and Jack's failing marriage propel them into a sudden and intense affair just before he leaves for Singapore.

They promise they will speak often and meet again as soon as they can. They also commit to be completely open and honest with each other.

The brief, but intensely erotic experience with Jack releases a tumult of sexual desire within Claudia, and with Jack unavailable, she will need to look elsewhere to explore her boundaries.

Claudia's journey into sex, submission and sensuality is matched by Jack's adventures in dominance overseas. They share their most intimate discoveries over long-distance phone calls, but will their explicit honesty bring them closer together... or tear them apart?





A Cosmic Dance - The Gentle Dominant

J. L. Thomas



Theirs was a love that held no bounds. Darius Carter, the handsome film star, and his beautiful bride, Helena, were deeply and madly in love and Helena gladly becomes the submissive to his dominant.


When Helena discovers she is pregnant, her life seems perfect but with Darius's ex-submissive and stalker, Alice, and Helena's first love, Connor, still around, would their love survive?


As time goes on, Helena feels that life couldn't be any more amazing - and erotic!

The next two years as a family are wonderful, and with Alexia, the nanny, taking great care of Lucy and Athos, all was well in the world until Xavier and Angelica's wedding.

Is their love strong enough to cope with more turmoil? Are they really soulmates and destined to be? Or is it all a lie?

On the night of the award's ceremony, as Darius accepts his award, their lives will change forever.





Putting Everything on the Line

Kathryn Pana


It was supposed to be an easy day for Sergeant Will Falco and his SWAT team. He had been on the unit for fifteen years and was the ultimate professional. He thought he had experienced everything, but when he let his emotions interfere with his work, everything goes horribly wrong.

Kathy Hill went to work with excitement about her future, but when she is kidnapped by a man from Sergeant Falco's past, would she ever find out what her future would hold?

Will Sergeant Falco put everything on the line to save her? Will he ever get the man who haunts his past? And will he ever be able to be with the woman he finds himself falling in love with?



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