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5 Back to School Reads

5 Back to School Reads

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It’s that time of year again, summer holidays are over and it’s time to bundle the kids back to school. Looking for books to prepare young readers for back to school? We’ve got a range of fun picture books that will help develop their love for reading from the very start!


Now pop these magical reads into that bookbag…




ABC, Visit the Zoo with Me

Maria Sare


You'll learn something new when you visit the zoo.

Can kangaroos swim? How much does a rhinoceros weigh? Which big cat can run up to fifty miles per hour?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more with Maria Sare's latest colourful ABC book.






Alex and Sally See the Galaxy

Yvette Absalom


Travel through the galaxy with Alex, Sally and Bear, in their elegant yellow ship! What sights will we see along the way?


Learn about space and stars, black holes and worm holes in a rhyming, illustrated adventure for children.








Everyone Loves Chino

Anthony David


Chino was such a handsome cat,
With long, coffee-coloured fur.
His face and tail were the colour of chocolate,
He had light blue eyes and big, fat, furry paws.


Follow Chino's adventures in this colourful children's story. It doesn't matter that Chino isn't very good at hunting or that he isn't very brave. Everyone still loves Chino!






Magic Pie

Robyn Embrey


Olly just wants to make magic pie,

One to make him magic, one to make him fly.


But he might just find where real magic lies instead,

With a box of pixie dust, beneath his mummy's bed.








MUM, I Can't Find My Toothbrush!

H. L. Morgan


Mum, I can't find my toothbrush,
Can you see if it's down there?
Please try harder, dear, before I go completely spare!


A charming tale of one little boy desperately trying to find his toothbrush before school. Full of delightful illustrations and told in verse, this is a children's book that every reader will be able to get behind.











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