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10 Interesting Facts About Cornwall

10 Interesting Facts About Cornwall

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Learn a bit about our beautiful Cornish county before reading 'Cornish Fudge' and 'A Cornish Detective'.


1. Cornwall is the most South West county of Great Britain.



2. The name Cornwall comes from the words ‘Cornovii’ and ‘Wales’ meaning hill dwellers and strangers.




3. There are more than 75000 cows in Cornwall, making Cornwall famous for its ice cream ‘Cornish Icecream’


4. Cornwall’s coastline is 433 miles which is the longest coastline in Britain.



5. The biggest debate about cream teas is whether the cream or jam goes on first. The Cornish way of doing it is with jam first and clotted cream on top.



6. Cornwall has relatively sunny and warm weather compared to the rest of the country



7. A baker in Cornwall holds the record for the world’s biggest Cornish pasty, weighing a whopping 1900 pounds and containing 1,750,000 calories



8. Cornwall attracts 5 million visitors a year



9. Cornwall is the perfect surfing destination in Britain



10. The Duchess of Cornwall is ‘Camilla’ wife of Charles Prince of Wales




Now we hope your knowledge of the beautiful county is top-notch. We recommend you read our two new releases which are both based in Cornwall!


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