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The Adventures of Dolly the Dolphin - Facts You May Not Have Known About Dolphin!

The Adventures of Dolly the Dolphin - Facts You May Not Have Known About Dolphin!

 |  Fun and Games

Do our toys really come to life when we're not looking? Hannah thinks her toy dolphin, Dolly, might.

Follow Dolly on her adventures one night when she slips out of Hannah's bed and finds herself in the one place a toy dolphin never expected to be: the sea!




Here's some interesting facts about Dolphin! 


- Dolphins can communicate with each other by emitting a variety of sound.



- Dolphins can hear a frequency range ten times broader than that of a human being.



- The favour foods of many species of dolphins are fish, octopus and squid.



- Some dolphins can leap up to twenty feet in the air.


- The average lifespan of dolphins is around 17 years. However, some species in the wild live about 50 years.



- They have very delicate skin, which can easily be injured.







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