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  • Famous Last Words

    Fun and Games

    Famous Last Words

     |  Fun and Games

    On this day in history, Julius Caeser was murdered, with his alleged last words being “and you, my child?” (to Brutus, one of his attackers). We thought we’d take a look at some other important figures from history, and what their apparent last words were.

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  • Top Five Dog Books

     |  Fun and Games

    Crufts dog show starts tomorrow! So, to celebrate our four legged friends, we’re taking a look at five great books about dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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  • World Book Day Costume Ideas

     |  Fun and Games

    It’s World Book Day! All over the country children will have been off to school this morning dressed as their favourite fictional characters – and a few grownups might have been off to work doing the exact same thing! We thought we’d take a look at some quick, low effort and yet highly effective World Book Day Costumes.

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  • Valentine Novels and Favourite Couples!

     |  Fun and Games

    We asked some of our authors this question:  Which is your favourite romance novel, or favourite couple from a book? - and here are some of the answers! 

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