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Zofia Leszczynska

My early years were spent in a British settlement camp outside Crewe in Cheshire. I began my full time education at the age of twelve (after the camp was disbanded) in Ludford St, girls secondary school in Crewe. I transferred to a girls grammar school when I was sixteen, then I completed a teacher training course in Alsager in 1966. I worked as a class teacher and teaching deputy headteacher in the Manchester area until I retired in 2004. In the late nineties as the head of a Polish Saturday school I was also an examiner in Polish speaking O level examinations. The ideas for Billy Beetle books started while I was teaching, however as education is a time consuming profession I was not able to concentrate on the development of these ideas until recently.


  • Adventures of Billy Beetle


    The story book is for young readers about to enter the world of printed words. Children are fascinated by reality and imagination where anything is possible. Matching sound with the printed word is a very complex process, which is often a stumbling block for some.

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