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Zofia Chantrey Goddard

Zofia Chantrey-Goddard lives in a small village in Lancashire and is the mother of four young children. She has spent her career as an occupational therapist. Soon after the birth of her fourth baby, she began to write and draw, as if by magic!

Sharing her world with her children has opened a door that has enabled her to re-enter the imaginary world of her childhood. Her life and the village she lives in have become the inspiration for her writing, a world where everything and anything is possible. Day to day events and occurrences become catalysts for adventures, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. She enjoys writing in rhyme and in prose. This seems a fitting style with which to describe this world, where everyday language becomes magical and memorable.


  • Fairies In My Dinner


    There's a little girl who simply refused to eat her vegetables. But why? After all, they will make her big and strong! And who's dancing on her veg?

  • The Money Spider


    Spider is a thief, stealing jewels and gold to make himself rich. People are crying out for someone to do something. But will he ever be caught?

  • The Bird Bath


    Who will visit the bird bath today? Birds! But they're not just any birds - and it's not just any bird bath. Will you see the robin with the soap and towel? And will the sparrow bring a flannel for the owl?

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