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Zoey Allard

Zoey Allard lives in London, and is working towards a university degree in Psychology and Criminology. Her early years were dedicated to studying English Literature and she was always fascinated by writing. She was invested in the craft of poetry, she found it to be therapeutic. She discovered that it spoke volumes for those who lost their own voice at some time and it helped her get past a difficult time in her life. Writing poetry allowed her to be creative and artistic as she started writing about unspoken truths of society.


  • All the Words I Wish You Said


    Zoey Allard's first collection draws on real societal truths that are hidden away in the peripherals. In the world where perfection is pursued and a lot of ‘taboo' topics are never spoken about in social settings. Young people are just expected to know how to deal with these issues and have all the answers. These set of poems are tall tales that come from small truths. This collection will challenge and entertain as readers explore...

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