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Zoe Anna Torres

Zoe Anna Torres was born in Gibraltar on 5th December 1976 and has lived on the Rock all her life. She is married to her Gibraltarian husband, Jason and together they have two beautiful girls Shaniah and Cassidy.

Zoe is a self-taught and experienced cook, baker and cake artist, locally renowned for her bespoke wedding cakes and her incredible 3D novelty cakes. She is also known amongst her family and friends for her grand dinner parties and summer parties and for her natural talent and knowledge of all things culinary and creative.

Recently, she participated in Gibraltar's own version of the UK's Masterchef, locally known as Rockchef, for which she won second place. The positive feedback and praise she received during her Rockchef experience from the judges, contestants and diners alike brought on the impulse for her to write this book. The Rock's Kitchen is her debut work and is soon to be followed by other works based on her favourite cuisines around the world.


  • The Rock's Kitchen


    Beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs, this comprehensive collection of mouth-watering recipes ranges from the sweet to the spicy and from the light to the hearty.

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