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Wilma Davidson and Diana de Avila

Super Cat! Splat! Splat! is an inspirational story of a pet cat and her journey to accept life's challenges when unfortunate events occur. Readers and those being read to will discover that a positive attitude and caring go a long way in making a life that's not perfect, more
"purr-fect." The story, illustrated by award-winning digital artist and neuro-divergent de Avila, details a few of her real-life struggles. Super Cat!, through the relatable questions asked, invites children to participate as they read-or are being read to. And it also introduces them to memorable word play author Wilma Davidson states.

Diana de Avila M.S.Ed., is a digital artist who lives in Sarasota, FL. And Wilma Davidson, Ed.D. is an educator, communications consultant and author who lives in Longboat Key, Fl. They are best friends
and collaborators.


  • Super Cat! Splat! Splat!


    Super Cat! Splat! Splat! is a picture book for little readers and toddlers, based on the true adult story told in the award-winning memoir/art book Soldier, Sister, Savant (2021, Pen Women Press), which the authors co-wrote. Super Cat!

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