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Will Roberts

Will Roberts was born and bred in Newport, South Wales, and worked for twenty-two years at a small steel mill, making stainless steel and special steels. Upon the closure of this steel mill, Will was forced to look abroad for alternative employment and has spent the last twenty-five years travelling the world as a Steelmaking Consultant.


Having always had a passion for reading, and particularly historical novels, he decided to write a novel himself.


At this particularly time, he was working in Greece, on the beautiful Pelion peninsular, the home of the mythical centaurs, so it was no surprise his first novel was about centaurs and ancient Greece.


Five Years on Pelion, Ten Years at Troy was first published in 2016 under the title, The Last Centaur.


Being a proud and patriotic Welshman, Will's second publication was The Man of Gwent series, volume one. This comprises of a selection of short stories depicting old, often forgotten stories and events that took place in Wales and in particular, the county of Gwent.


Will also has a passion for sport and rugby and has, where possible, tried to include both rugby and steelmaking in this works.


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