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Wendy Goult

Born in Norwich in 1946, Wendy grew up in police houses around Suffolk. She married David in 1967 and has only found her voice through fiction following his death in November, 2011. A Tangled Web of Time is her third novel, following on from Chasing Shadows (released in 2017) and Chain Reaction (released in 2015). Previously, her writing was factual, including The Survey of Suffolk Parish History which was produced for Suffolk County Council. Prior to retirement, she worked for NHBC as Senior Consultant CDM and now gives voluntary assistance to St. Nicholas Hospice, Bury St. Edmunds, whose encouragement led to this new career creating worlds and characters which hopefully, enchant and delight her readers.


  • The Phoenix Club


    Family mysteries fascinate and beguile. But are you ready when they turn spooky, dangerous, or DEADLY?

  • A Tangled Web of Time


    Is time an illusion? A static concept, brain manufactured, to make sense of our world?

  • Chasing Shadows


    Children now play on Brampton Common and nearby householders such as Jan, Kerry and Debs know little of the dramas that once occurred so near to their own front doors, and nothing of the unquiet souls of the victims and the stories they could tell.

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