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Walter Holder

Walter Holder, M.D. is a retired physician and surgical oncologist who also has deep interests in spirituality, religion, human evolution and environmental issues. He has taught medical students and residents lifelong and did extensive biomedical research in tumor biology and tissue engineering for many years at Duke University, Stanford University and the University of North Carolina. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications in the medical and research literature, and has written a number of scientific and medical book chapters in various textbooks for W.B. Saunders, Springer-Verlag, Williams and Wilkins, Academic Press and Aspen Publishers. Over time, he has continually expanded his knowledge base and interest in cutting-edge science and the many, often paranormal, mysteries of life and the universe. This interest has expanded his writing considerably beyond the left-brain, scientific and technical writing to include more complex, right-brain views of science, faith and the future of humanity. He has found that fiction is an excellent medium for developing new ideas and introducing concepts that may be foreign to the reader. This is his first novel.



  • Future Past Present


    When medical student Zoe Abrams encounters the seriously ill, yet strangely enigmatic Mr Asterman, she feels an immediate bond and is compelled to help save his life.

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