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Vicki Williams with John Tucker

I would consider myself to be ‘ordinary' until I found I was the carrier of Partial Trisomy 9p, an extremely rare chromosome abnormality. My son, Charlie, had died as a result of the condition but, when Shelbie was born, I recognised that although Shelbie had the same condition, she appeared to be stronger than her brother. Although I had no formal medical training, I learned to undertake numerous complicated procedures to keep Shelbie at home. Despite the fact that Shelbie's life was expected to be numbered in months, I spent the next nineteen years fighting for my daughter's right to have a normal childhood, with the help of some family, a handful of key allies, and my deep faith. Shelbie - Heaven's Borrowed Child is my first book. I live in South Wales with my husband, Nick, six remaining children and three grandchildren.


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