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Veronica Bennetts

Veronica is a musician, teacher and writer whose career spans composing, writing, theatre direction and teaching. Studying music, English literature and education at Cambridge, she also holds a master of education degree from Liverpool University. One of her main loves is teaching young people of all ages and abilities, using in particular the power of the story as a tool to aid creativity. She was the director of education and in-house writer for Stagecoach Theatre Arts and music co-ordinator of the Chester Mystery Plays. She is deeply interested in young people who have been damaged or who struggle with the impact of early life events. Whilst training as a volunteer for the N.S.P.C.C. she learnt more about the tenacity and courage that characterise so many young victims. These insights have influenced her writing of Twisted Threads, Unravellings and Rogue Strands. Veronica has written and compiled many performing arts works (music, story and lyrics), and now devotes her time to her passion for writing, her work on a hospital pastoral team, her four grown-up children, her many grandchildren, and - of course - her two golden retriever dogs. Her late husband was the Bishop of Coventry.


  • Twisted Threads


    Twisted Threads is a story that will grip you from the very first page as it delves into deep human issues within a spellbinding story.



    ‘Unravellings' is a fast-moving, dramatic, gut-wrenching roller coaster of a story that will leave you breathless, shocked and inspired It is the second novel in the trilogy ‘Love's Tangled Tapestry'

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