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Ute Müller

Ute was born at Erfurt, the capital of the German state of Thuringia, in 1938. Her early memories are from her war experiences.

At age 13, she was smuggled to West Germany to spend the school holidays with her aunt, near Fulda, never to return.

Later, she trained as a lab technician and married an architect with whom she had three children.

She shared her enthusiasm to create a better world with family and others, continuing on that line after her emigration to Tasmania, Australia. There, she found a rare piece of heaven on an idyllic small farm.


  • Memories and Reflections


    Ute Müller is a strong and driven woman who emigrated from Germany to Tasmania quite late in life. There she had some huge changes to face, and had to re-craft her life on her own, and learn to farm as well.

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