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Trisha Doherty

What can I say in a hundred and fifty words about myself? If you had three hours I would probably not have said enough.
I was born into trauma literally into a car accident and the start of a difficult relationship with my parents, I have only come to understand in recent times the impact this has had on myself.
I am a mother of three and have been married since the age of twenty-one and my partner is my rock.
When my youngest was six months old I was diagnosed with ME/chronic fatigue syndrome and that was over twenty-five years ago. Along the years I have learned to take life day by day but it has not been easy.


  • Life is full of Moments


    We all have to face death: that of our loved ones, and our own mortality. We tremble with fear, and grief is heart wrenching. In these times it is important to appreciate how death can bring people together, and ignite connections through shared memories.

  • 50 Days of Poems


    Trapped during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, struggling with the mental health issues associated with restrictions about meeting family and going out, Trisha Doherty accepted her partner's challenge to write a poem every day.

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