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Trip Mackintosh

Trip Mackintosh has loved the people of Africa since he served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco 1979-81). He became an internationally recognized lawyer in the areas of trade controls and white-collar crime. Much of his work involved matters in Africa. During the last forty years, he has traveled and lived in fourteen African countries. In creating his characters and settings, he draws on his substantial experience in the African bush and with its people. This has included training as a safari guide in the Okavango Delta and one-on-one mentoring by a Bushman elder in the Kalahari Desert. With this unique background, he is able to take readers from glass-walled conference rooms in New York skyscrapers to the shifting sands of the Kalahari. His writing presents a rich view of Africa and a compelling glimpse into its troubled history. He does this with compassion and demonstrable respect for the complexity of African people and cultures. He is married with four children, two of whom were adopted from Zambia. His next work of fiction will center on the female anti-poaching squad of Zambia and their incredible bravery.


  • Rebuild the Moon


    In a New York hospice, Jon is slowly wasting away. But it is not a peaceful passing - haunted by frequent and vivid nightmares of an unspeakable crime, Jon summons his lawyers to change his will.

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