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Tina Fernandez

When Ava Edgerton, a young nurse, is left in a coma after a near fatal car accident, she experiences inexplicable visions and dreams. In her twilight state, Ava visualises the world in a state of chaos. Death dominates and humanity is in dire straits.
Meanwhile, the scientist Dr. Ethan Edgerton and his assistant, Dr. Mahika Brar, begin to discover the origins of a virus that has started in China. However, their investigations lead them down a strange and dangerous road.
Their abrasive Chief of Research, Stanton, isn't interested in hearing about their theories and insists that they concentrate on a cure instead.
Behind the scenes, the rich and powerful have everything to lose as they begin to put their diabolical plans into motion.


  • The Contagion Conspiracy


    Originally from South India, Tina Fernandez now lives in London and divides her time between indulging her fantasy for story writing and managing her travel and tour business.

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