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Timothy Radley

Tim was born in the countryside of Lincolnshire and from the age of four was sat on tractors, from the age of seven he was driving them up and down fields under the watchful eye of his father whilst his mother ensured they were packed up with scrumptious sandwiches and flasks of hot coffee. Playing in the fields from such an early age lets the imagination run wild and all the tractors felt like friends and is obviously the catalyst for this story. For over twenty years Tim drove these tractors as his career. The love of farm machines has continued and despite no longer working in farming he has kept his tractors and uses them now at weekends. Tim has now started to create stories based around his tractors and no doubt we will hear much more from the characters as their adventures come to life in the books to come.


  • Tractor Tim and the Wet Patch


    It's a busy time down on the farm! It's spring, and the potatoes are ready for planting. Tractor Tim and his friends are excited to start, but will they complete the job in time? Will Naughty Nigel pull yet another trick on Tim?

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