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Tim Jorgenson

Tim's advent thriller in The Advent House follows forays in other genres. Tim's published works include plays, chancel dramas, and novels of historical fiction. His play Bonhoeffer was first produced in 2004. The dozen chancel dramas are available online through Amazon. His novel Mrs Keckly Sends Her Regards is set in the Lincoln White House. The novel The Night Is Far Gone is set in the household of the Imperial Romanovs, during the last years and days of Nicholas II, Alexandra, and their children.
Tim and his wife are by no means housebound. Except perhaps during the summer monsoon season, they're always able and eager to get out and about, exploring the forests, mountains, canyons, and Indian ruins that bedeck their home territory in Arizona's high country.


  • The Advent House


    Gabriela never imagined her promises to a dying Adriana would entangle her with the state security service. But working at CubaTur she knew the ordinary could mask the extraordinary and the ordinary could go awry.

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