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Tiffany Beese

Tiffany Beese has been a self-employed clinician (naturopath, Ortho-Bionomist) for over twenty years in New Zealand. Originally from London, she travelled the world, staying in many places. She lived in an Ashram for six months learning and teaching yoga, learning to meditate, and then continuing on the practice. This made her ready for training in the Akashic Records. Once more comfortable, she was instructed by the Ascended Masters to sit at the computer and allow the words to flow. So came knowledge and answers of commonly asked questions. Enjoy.



  • Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Being with Spirit


    Part spiritual guide, part self-help and part social, religious and political commentary channelled through the author by beings from Leberia, a distant planet in another universe. They answer planetary distress calls and have been working with Earth for thousands of years.

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