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Thomas Swift

I was born in the historic English town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. After 27 years of living in Bury, travelling, working and playing I moved to Perth, Western Australia. This is where I now work and live with my wife raising our two beautiful girls.

I have been producing art, illustrations and coming up with stories for over 20 years. Art has always been my main go to, with illustration also being a passion of mine, and in more recent years I have started writing also. My mind is constantly turning over new ideas for all these mediums, to the point where I have to release my creativity on page or canvas.

I am inspired by the world around me and living in Perth and loving the ocean I find ocean sports a great way to centre my creative thoughts into more cohesive ideas. I'm also inspired by film, comics, and just good stories. My two girls are a constant source of inspiration for my children's book stories.


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