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Terry Dee

They say that, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks... well, thank goodness I am not an old dog...
So, why write this story now? Well, ten years ago, at the age of fifty-three, my wife, Sheila, got early onset dementia, Alzheimer's disease.
Then I had an accident that broke my arm and collar bone.
So, at the age of sixty-three, I finally sat down, and with one finger I tapped at the keyboard.
Writing has now become my therapy; it got me over the bad thoughts, an escapism from the illness that my wife is going through.
When I am writing, there is no real world, just the ones I am in with my characters.


  • Blood War


    An infamous European human-trafficking gang, the Schick clan, have found a long-lost family cache of gold. The intention now: to move the stolen gold to its new destination, Geneva.

  • Gold War


    Seventy-five years after the Second World War, Samuel Plant's great grandson, Sebastian, makes an interesting discovery while rummaging in his father's loft.

  • Good War


    Samuel Plant and John Paige clash personalities in war-torn Germany. Samuel is selfish and cruel, but has managed to survive many years of war. He always puts himself first.

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