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Terry Deary

Born in Sunderland in 1946, Terry Deary lives in County Durham. His early life was spent in his father's butcher's shop.

Terry's career in the arts began in 1972 Theatre Powys in Mid Wales. He has worked as an actor, theatre-director and television presenter. He now writes books, plays, TV and movie scripts for all ages.

Aged seventy-six, Terry is into his sixth decade as a published author of three hundred and thirty titles in forty-two languages. These include over eighty titles in Horrible Histories the world's bestselling children's history series. A household name, Horrible Histories has inspired a star-studded feature film, BAFTA-award-winning TV series, attractions and stage-shows.


  • Thirteen Terrifying Tales


    Have you ever read a book that can save your life before? Of course you haven't! That makes this the most brilliant book in the world. Learn what happens to these wicked children so it doesn't happen to you. Don't stand there in the bookshop reading this.

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