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Tamara Cheremnova

Tamara is the author of ten books; they are novels, stories and fairy tales for children; all of them are published in Russia. She is a member of the Writers' Union of the Russian Federation and a member of the International Writers' Guild. In 2011 she became a laureate of the nomination ‘The Small Prose' at the International Literary Festival of Literature and Art, ‘Russian Style' (2011, Germany). This autobiography was published in 2011 in Moscow as ‘Трава, пробившая асфальт', which can be translated to English as ‘The Blade of Grass that Broke the Asphalt'. In 2018, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) included Tamara Cheremnova's name in the list of the one hundred most prominent women in the world. Maria Arbatova, a Russian novelist and a famous public figure, wrote about this autobiography: ‘Tamara Cheremnova instantly became a star after publication of her honest, scary, shrill, and at the same time, very positive book.'


  • The Blade of Grass


    The Blade of Grass is divided into four parts: each describes a period of Tamara's life, starting from the age of seven in 1962, and ending in 2011.

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