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Suzan Mutesi

Suzan Mutesi is an actress, author and award-winning Ugandan-Australian fashion designer, all-round creative powerhouse. From her humble beginnings in her home country of Uganda, all through to her breakthrough in the Australian fashion and entertainment industries and beyond.
Suzan had a cameo appearance in the famous film: Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings where she featured in the trailer video with the main cast. In her supporting role in the film Moon Rock for Monday which showed in cinemas around Australia in 2020. In 2021 Suzan has been busy working alongside a Hollywood legend Jane Seymour in another supporting role in a feature film Ruby's choice. In 2022 landed her lead role in the movie Lady Ifrita as Alya. She played a small character role as a DJ in the new Netflix series of Heartbreak High.
Reaching the heights in the film industry, she has finally landed her lead role where she will star opposite a Hollywood American actor Cuba Gooding Jr. in the upcoming action-crime film Irrationale.
Suzan's first book Un Apologetically Black hit the stands in 2020. Her book gained a lot of media attention in media outlets such as Vogue and Channel 10 broadcasts. Just as you'd expect from Suzan, she's now writing a biography on her life. she tells the tale of how she found her own unapologetic self and discusses racism, friendships, trauma, relationships, church culture and much more; all the while providing advice and comfort for other people of colour who can identify with her experiences, as many will. In this, her second book, the African Icon that conquered Australian's hearts bares it all to give you a close-up view of her authentic, unabridged and unapologetic self.
Renowned for her unapologetic voice, her endearing personality, unfaltering kindness and candid takes on life and love, Suzan has put a podcast called unapologetically you. Where she interviews people doing noteworthy things in the community and also inspiring others.
You can follow Suzan's journey on her Instagram @suzan_mutesi and subscribe to her podcast "Unapologetically You" on all platforms.


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