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Susan Frances

Susan Frances was born in Queens, New York, but lived with her husband and raised their children in New Jersey.

Susan says, "All things science fiction have always interested me. Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut and others like them draw me in, but I always look for that spiritual edge in stories."


  • Midnight Comet


    Every day we choose the kind of person we will be. We make a conscious decision to be honorable, or to lie and cheat. We make choices.

  • Pink Reign


    It had been a time of great suffering and trial for Dr. Kali Lockwood and her people. The sorcerers and sorceresses with even the slightest touch of pre-cognition had lived in dread, feeling it coming.

  • Breaching the Sentry


    As evidence evaporates and the crime itself is forgotten as reality changes, Nightshade risks the existence of those he loves to learn the truth.

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