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Susan Erickson Catucci

The author has spent the majority of her life in the Northeast. Susan has been reading
and writing and doodling all her life. A professional life spent both in federal and state
courtrooms helped instill great respect and love for language and personal expression.
Susan's focus is on mental well being and mindfulness in children. She presently lives
in North Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband Peter. Their son Max resides nearby.
Other Books by the Author:
Madison, the Tale of a Corgi with No Tail.


  • Madison Meets the Moon


    Madison is a little corgi who lives in a blue house with her people family and a cranky cat named Whiskers. She also lives with a secret fear that sometimes keeps her up at night. What she doesn't know is that she is about to make a new friend who can help her with her fears

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