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Steve A. Day

Steve A. Day is a writer blending his life experiences with degrees in political science, religion, and business to create insightful and thoughtful writings. Following an executive career in Fortune 500 organizations, Steve felt writing would be a great outlet for his life experiences and worldview. Since 2017, and Steve's retirement from corporate America, he has dedicated a good portion of his efforts to creating and writing. Downhill was his first non-fiction, business book. Heaven's Portal (volumes 1 and 2) was his first self-published fiction work. He believes, "Writing fiction is a joy and a great use of imagination. It allows me to entertain "what if" scenarios of reality, hopefully for the reader's enjoyment."
Steve is proud of a career including crucial leadership positions in Sprint LTD, Times Mirror, ADC Telecom, and Marconi PLC. Steve is currently the president of Advok8. He has an MS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a BA degree from the College of Wooster.
He lives in Western Pennsylvania with his family.


  • Alice Drake and the Crystals of Eden


    Alice Drake and her friends know they are different to the others living in Drake's Village, a tiny Adirondack paradise hidden away from the apocalyptic world surrounding them. The once proud United States of America is in tatters after the right-wing fascist government

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