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Stephen Kasa

Stephen Kasa was born in Eastern Europe in a township called Senta in 1953. He came to Australia with his parents in the late sixties. He is a retired Telstra technician.

In his younger days he ran marathons and did triathlons just for fun. Today he is living in Melbourne with his long-term partner.

He is in agony to explain he does not write about his life's experiences. No way. No-how. Never. You have got to be kidding.

He writes about the opposite of what he has learnt in his lifetime.


  • The Streets of Melbourne


    The underworld got lucky. A guided missile sank the boat - but the drugs survived. How? The authorities are in pursuit, but never managing to catch up with the drug runners, the assassins and least of all Mr Big. Everything is in a mess. Money rules. The real world out there is deliciously corrupt.

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