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Stephen Gibling

This is my first outing into writing a children's book. I've always enjoyed casually writing poems and monologues for my own enjoyment. As time progressed, I began writing poems for others to use as messages or in their personal cards. Theatre is a love of mine and in the past, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing short scripts for a local theatre group, some of which were performed. Now I've evolved into writing short stories and children's books. This is something I've found to be very enjoyable because deep down, I'm a kid at heart, but then again aren't we all!


  • The Pirate Family of Pirate Town


    This is an entertaining, fun story which has a message. It's aimed to show children that it doesn't matter if you have a disability or problem you are just as important as anyone else. It also shows that sometimes people can do things to others that are hurtful

  • Rowan's Imaginary Adventures


    Rowan is just an ordinary boy. He likes reading books and playing with his toys, and he likes daydreaming about going on adventures to places he's read about. But Rowan's imagination is different. When he daydreams about places, he goes there!

  • The Dinosaur Family of Dinotown


    This is an entertaining, fun story which has a message. It's aimed at children that understand how hurtful bullying can be.

  • The Plastic People of Plastic Town


    This delightful story is a topical, fun journey aimed at children that care about the Earth.

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