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Stephen Frank

I am an industrial scientist by occupation and have
always been fascinated by the world around me, intrigued
as to what makes things work in such harmony in the
natural world and amazed at what humans can do to
harness this when they put their minds to it. I have also
always loved books since my earliest memory of my
brother and I sitting in bed whilst one of our parents
read to us. My favourite author has to be M R James
and when I first read his ghost stories it unlocked my
imagination to endless possibilities!


  • Greetings from Barbados (Percy and Horace Learn to Fly)


    Dear Readers, you may not know it but penguins are very clever birds, despite their inability to fly and tendency to waddle and slip over on the ice. Whilst they might keep themselves to themselves at the very end of the Earth, on occasion, when the need arises or the fancy takes them,

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