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Staci Andrea

Staci lives in a little lakeside town in Iowa with her husband, elderly Pomeranian, Stella, and a sassy fat cat named Tapanga. Her grown daughters and son-in-law live adventurous lives close by, providing all kinds of stories to add to the fire that keeps her up at night, endlessly writing about the next dark tale. Suspense and thrillers are her genre, as she says, "The best thrill rides in life are the ones keeping you breathless, hanging on by your nails and screaming for more."


  • Lake Laps


    Sometimes you have to have the rug pulled out from beneath your feet to test your spine. The award nominated family suspense, Lake Laps is the broken fairytale of the family next door in a quiet little lakeside town. How far are you willing to go to slay the dragon that has threatened your princess?

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