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Stacey Hobbs

Stacey Rose Hobbs is an Author, Illustrator and Designer from
Buckinghamshire. Besides bringing to life charming characters within
her magical stories, she enjoys playing piano and going on long walks
and getting lost in the wonders of the wilderness with her border collie
Olly. During 2018, she set up her own freelance illustration business
under the name Stacey Rose Art, in which her traditional drawings
gained her 8th place in the 99worldartists UK contest.


  • The Bear and the Bird


    Tired of living his life solo, Ben the grizzly bear awakens from a long and cold hibernation, hungry and yearning for companionship. Ben discovers a loyal and courageous bird called Russ, who joins him on a long and mystical journey where they must travel across land and water

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