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Sorin Oprea

Sorin Oprea is a Romanian writer who wrote four novels, "The Night of Souls," "Dominic," "The Frustrations of One Fat Woman," and "The Morning of Souls." All of his novels describe today's life, having incredible plots, psychological actions, predictions, love, and the characters are indeed unique. Sorin is also known as one of the best specialists in the field of combating organised crime and drug abuse in Romania and internationally. He graduated from the FBI Academy courses in Quantico, USA and he obtained a PhD diploma in the domain of national security and public order. Sorin Oprea lives in Bucharest, Romania.


  • The Night of Souls


    Since the beginning of time, the thirst for power has dominated the world. Now, the desire is more visible than ever. Some leaders want to become masters and creators. They know that money and power rules lives. This conspiracy is not just a story. It proves that conspiracies exist.

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