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Sinclair Currie

The author was born and grew up in Scotland, but currently lives with his wife in coastal, south-east Queensland, Australia. This new book is set in the imaginary township of Broken Heads, which is an amalgam of many of the small coastal communities found scattered along the east coast of Australia, with the geography and idiosyncratic charm of Broken Heads typical of these small townships.

The book arises from the author's love of walking Australia's wild deserted surf beaches, and affection for the unique laidback feel of these small coastal communities, where the values and the lived experience are a welcome contrast to the pressures of city life, and more nurturing of the human spirit.


  • Broken Heads


    Brilliant neurosurgeon, Davy O'Brien, and successful business tycoon, Bill Walker, are strangers with nothing in common except for one important fact - they are both at breaking point and nothing will stop them falling apart.

  • Knoblies


    With so many different people out to get him for the crime of just being himself, sixteen year old Rob McDonald does what he and his mother have always done - they run.

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