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Sinclair Currie

The author was born, and grew up, in Scotland, but currently lives with his wife in Queensland, Australia, where the book is set. Mountain biking was something Sinclair took up late in life, but after his first downhill run, he knew he'd always remained a teenager at heart.

The descriptions of mountain bike racing within the book come from racing his sixty year old friends, who also remain fiercely competitive sixteen year olds.

The character of Rob McDonald was partly based on watching a friend's son develop into a champion mountain biker, and from making the connection that becoming a champion sportsman, and growing up to be a champion person are inextricably linked.


  • Broken Heads


    Brilliant neurosurgeon, Davy O'Brien, and successful business tycoon, Bill Walker, are strangers with nothing in common except for one important fact - they are both at breaking point and nothing will stop them falling apart.

  • Knoblies


    With so many different people out to get him for the crime of just being himself, sixteen year old Rob McDonald does what he and his mother have always done - they run.

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