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Sheila Evelyn Murphy

Sheila Evelyn Murphy is a teacher, writer and artist living in Cheshire England, visited often by her children and grand-children.

She draws inspiration from the natural landscape and as she walks and observes the patterns and colours in Nature, she finds that doorways open into a world of myth and enchantment.

(She believes in magic, especially the sparkly, slightly fizzy kind………and loves rainbows!)

For over twenty years she has created magical images, each carrying a story of alchemy and wonder.

Now she has written her first children’s book, each page beautifully illustrated by Sheila, to open doors into the magical world of the Imagination.

Her grand-children love it!

In her home is a dressing up box, a magic staff and a sword covered in jewels, (which she found in the back of the wardrobe when she arrived.)

Little Merlin and The Old Dragon is the first in a series of Little Merlin stories.



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