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Sean McGlynn

They say write from experience. So I have. Having been on this earth for over sixty years, having been married to the same person for over forty of them, and having practised law for thirty, I have had plenty to draw upon.

I used to think, growing up in Donegal in the north west of Ireland, that nothing ever happened, or at least nothing out of the ordinary. I learned very quickly, in the course of my law practice, that everything happens everywhere. Good things and bad things. People are people, wherever in the world, with the same feelings and emotions, the same wants and needs. A good book has to have a good story and all good stories are passed on, at least initially, by word of mouth. And so in my writing I try to tell the story through the mouths and minds of the characters. Hence there is a lot of dialogue. My first book, Control Freak, is a work of fiction, but like all good fiction, has its basis in reality. What it depicts has happened, does happen, and sadly, will continue to happen. And not just to the few, but to many. Please read and enjoy it.


  • Control Freak


    Josephine was a typical young woman looking for something to spice up her life, adventure, excitement, love? But that meant finding that special someone.

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