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Sarah Jane Brereton

Sarah Jane isn't an acclaimed author, she had a story
idea and gave it her best shot. Inspired by the phrase
"in life you fight to make it happen instead of worrying
that it won't" she is proud that she can now add ‘writer'
to her list of nouns and hopes that you really enjoy this
little story.
Sarah Jane, originally from the North West of England,
has been living in London for 21 years. One day she
hopes to live by the beach and get a dog, rather than a
husband, dogs seem more reliable.
She can't wait to see what book club will make of her


  • The Invisible Christmas Tree


    The Invisible Christmas Tree is the tale of a tree from Mistletoe Farm that is always left out of Christmas festivities due to its irregular shape. Little Eva and her parents visit Mistletoe Farm one day and select this out-of-shape tree for their celebrations.

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