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Sarah Fermi

Sarah Fermi has been interested in the Bronte family for almost as long as she can remember. Perhaps being one of three sisters may have been the starting point, but her serious interest was prompted by reading a biography of Emily Bronte by Edward Chitham. Inspired by his pertinent (and unanswered) questions about Emily, Sarah has devoted nearly fifteen years to examining the many previously unexplored personal connections of the Bronte sisters. The controversial theory on which this book is based was taken up by BBC Radio 4, and the play 'Cold in the Earth, and Fifteen Wild Decembers', by Sally Wainwright, was the result. It was broadcast in March, 2006, as the Saturday Afternoon Play.


  • Emily's Journal


    Why did Emily Brontë write Wuthering Heights? Was it purely the product of her juvenile imagination? Or did she experience a profound and tragic relationship in her adolescent years which coloured the rest of her life and was the emotional source for both her one novel and her heartfelt poetry?

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