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Sansão Adão

Sansão Adão, was born in the municipality of Cazenga (Angola), as a child he was always very inquisitive, questioned himself about the meaning of life, worried about human suffering, races, beliefs and ethnicities, he was looking for some something that would give meaning to life and calm down. Since his childhood, Sansão had always mysteriously felt within himself the presence of something so existential, so unique, precious and resplendent, that he felt all the time that he was trying to tell him something about his mysterious existence, he always tried to have some time with himself to mysteriously observe the mystery of oneself and demystify its great mystery.


  • Welwitschia


    Welwitschia is a girl from the Namibe region of the Mumuila tribe who was named Welwitschia, because of the rare Welwitschia plants that only exist in that region in the world, which had the same rarity and wonder as the plant. Since she was a little girl Welwitschia grew up very inquisitive,

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