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Samantha Novak

Indigo Seas is Samantha Novak's debut novel, based on a strange and vivid dream she had six years prior to its birth. She narrates audio books by day and writes poetry by night. A passionate photographer and model for twenty years, her photos have been published in several magazines, and on book and film covers. She has her bachelor's degree in organizational leadership accompanying a theatre and dance minor. A lover of holistic lifestyles, she is certified as a practitioner in yoga, meditation and reiki. She is currently living in British Columbia, Canada with her loving husband and their two Pomeranians.



  • The Sandman Chronicles: A Nocturnal Rhapsody


    Dive into the emotions of a woman deeply affected by PTSD, resulting in her turning to medication in order to sleep. Herein are twenty-seven extraordinary poems, expressing the anguish, the fear, and the desperation of a taunted woman trying to chase recovery and peace.

  • Indigo Seas


    Strange purple clouds, sea monsters and nightmares: Maurice wasn't expecting any of it when he and his family set sail for Madagascar.

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