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Samantha Bertish

Following a career in fashion, Samantha Bertish, inspired by the family pet, created the fun character brand designed to bring love and colour into every child's life. A survivor of domestic violence, Samantha's aim is to make a stand against bullying using her cute character to raise self-esteem in small people, to take a stand for fairness, equality, tolerance and nonviolence with her comical character, encapsulating all that is fun and lovable about her dog.

Samantha believes that by standing up to bullies and understanding why it is they bully; it empowers them to feel safe enough to not need power over someone.


  • Zuma and The Jack Pack


    Spoilt, loner surfing Jack Russell, Zuma, is determined to take home the world champion dog surfer title for another year running. During his winning wave, disaster strikes, and Zuma is washed up in an unknown place.

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