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Sam Lingayah

Born in Mauritius of working-class family, Sam Lingayah had no opportunity of even attending primary education. On his eighteenth birthday, he joined the British Army and served in the Middle East, where he became conscious of the importance of education. Destitute, he sought refuge in an ashram until returning home. Demobbed, he travelled to India trying to fulfil his need for education.
In 1961, Sam emigrated to England. Taking up odd jobs, he attended evening classes, beginning at Working Men's College.
In 1975, he embarked on a four year course studying sociology and social work. In 1981 He began his social work career with the London Borough of Hackney. He retired in 2008.
Following his Master's Degree at Brunel University, he completed his PhD thesis at Middlesex University, researching the origins of social welfare in Mauritius.
In 1980 he started writing for Asian Times and New Life. Sam Lingayah has also written a number of articles for L'Express in Mauritius, as well as producing studies on Mauritian immigrants in UK and Paris and in Rodrigues, including a textbook for social work students in Mauritius.


  • An Immigrant's Commitments


    This is a biographical novel. It is written from the pen of an experienced social worker, driven by compassion and empathy, who embarked on the migration trail with too many dreams and goals to achieve.

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