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Sally Cox

Sally hails from Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK and is currently living in Malaysia with her husband, Dirk, and their two beautiful children, Martha and Monty. Sally is an avid traveller and has been on some wild adventures across the world with her wonderful family. She loves scuba diving, skiing, playing hockey and is passionate about the theatre and arts (having been an actor herself for many years). Sally was inspired by her love of storytelling to put pen to paper. The Hat Shop is her first book and she hopes your dreams are filled with magical Hat Shop Adventures too!

About the Illustrator
Marie has been drawing strange and unusual characters since she was a young child and would spend hours buried under paper, crayons and paint. As an adult, she went on to complete a degree in fine art painting and has now found a true love for children's illustration. To Marie, each character has a life of its own and she finds great joy and excitement in leading them through their adventures.


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